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  • The high concentration of both species let us to offer you a variety of hunting programs combining superb Dove and Pigeon hunting in Argentina.

Choose the program of your preference!

Dove & Pigeon Hunting

  • At "Dos Plumas" you will find a unique hunting adventure were you will be able to enjoy the best Argentina dove hunting (most of our visitors say dove hunting here it's even better than in Cordoba) with a really unique pigeon hunting in Argentina. "Dos Plumas" is like to combine the famous Cordoba dove shooting with the famous Paraguay Pigeon hunting!!!
  • All at the same lodge!
  • Argentina Pigeon hunting has turned into a real challenge, since there are few sites in which excellent pigeon hunt can be performed. Without any exaggeration, we hold the fields for the best pigeon hunting in Argentina!

Dove Hunting


  • The lodge area offers literally clouds of doves. Dove hunting takes place to the North of San Luis Province, very near the border with Cordoba Province.
  • At any time shoot 1000, 2000, 3000 or more shells per day.
  • This is a new agricultural borderline in Argentina, where all kinds of grain are produced under pivot irrigation systems.
    As farmers control irrigation, they can sow every 15/20 days and then harvest grains from February to December every 15/20 days.
  • This ensures that there will always be tons of food so that doves concentrate here by millions - literally.
  • We have exclusive access to more than 200,000 acres of the best fly ways for dove hunting in Argentina.
  • The variety of dove hunting spots we offer (over crop fields, on feed lots or passing shooting camouflaged in the bush ) will give you each time a different shot, thus adding more fun to your Argentina dove hunting trip.
  • Plenty of dove hunting year round

Location / How to arrive

  • The lodge is located in the north of San Luis Province. There are daily flights from many US cities and Europe to Santiago de Chile, connecting flight to Mendoza where our representatives will meet you.

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