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  • Emergency Phone: +54 9 11 5376 2524

Discover "Dos Plumas"

Dove & Pigeon Hunting.

  • The name "Dos Plumas" (Two Feathers) makes reference at the species you'll find at your visit to our lodge.

Destination Overview.

  • "Dos Plumas" lodge is the place where you can shoot the best area for this two species in the world, hunting doves and pigeons like in no other place!
  • The lodge is located on a relative new farming area cultivated with more than 200.000 acres under pivot water irrigation system.
  • As farmers can control the water, they seed every 15 days (sunflower, corn, sorghum, wheat, soybean) therefore they have harvestings every 15 days assuring year round food available for doves and pigeons.
  • This farming system makes pigeon hunting available from April until the end of November when in other country areas is until September. Doves are present year round without peak season.
  • The presence of both Doves & Pigeons both by the millions in our area, makes our lodge without exaggeration a unique and privileged place.
  • Together with a comfortable brand new lodge accommodation very near the best hunting places plus high-standard service, turn our lodge into a hunters' heaven.
  • As the Lodge is not far from Mendoza you can combine your hunting trip with fabulous wine tours, fly fishing, golf and other activities on your way back to your country.

Hunting Overview.

  • We offer two programs:
    Dove & Pigeon Hunting and Dove Shooting.

Dove & Pigeon Hunting

  • At "Dos Plumas" lodge is the place where you can shoot the best area for this two species in the world, hunting doves and pigeons like in no other place!
  • The Dove & Pigeon hunting program means you will be on dove hunting spots, on pigeon spots or in spots with a mix of both species, it all depends on the previous scout. Usually time is distributed half and half on each specie during your visit, no matter if the birds are mixed or separated.
  • Pigeon hunting could be passing, over feed lots or when the flying patterns allow to set decoys, you'll shoot English style pigeon over decoys, an experience a hunter must do at least once in his life! Because of the flying patterns there is more chance to use decoys from May to July, but we use them as much as we can form April to November.
  • Our Program Dove & Pigeon hunting is really a unique combination of both species. Sometimes doves and pigeons are mixed sometimes separated in different fields.
  • Species Available
  • Eared Dove (Zenaida Auriculata) and Spot Winged Pigeon (Columba Maculosa) both by the millions.
  • Season(s) and Optimum Dates for Specific Species
  • Doves & Pigeon: April to November.

  • Along the season there is no specific peak season for pigeon or dove hunting. We split the season with a different pricing only because our clients demand, the volume of birds is practically the same along the season.

  • During October/November pigeon hunting could be more over feed lots while March to September mixed in between field crops and feed lots. Dove shooting remain mixed in between fields and feed lots along the season. Fields are near the accommodation in between 20 and 50 minutes.
  • As we explained, because of the seeding and harvesting system with water pivot irrigation, food is available year round, assuring good hunting at any time, something just a few places can offer.

Dove Shooting Program

  • At "Dos Plumas" lodge is the place where you can shoot the best area for this two species in the world, hunting doves and pigeons like in no other place!
  • Specie: Eared Dove ( Zenaida Auriculata)
  • Season(s) and Optimum Dates for Specific Species: doves are plentiful year round and there is no peak season to hunt them.

Hunt difficulty / Health level

  • South Pioneers holds an exclusive hunting area granted by the Government of San Luis. This means no competition for the best spots, so from beginners to experimented hunters the lodge can provide each hunter with his own shooting requirement.
  • Each shooting spot will have at least one bird boy, a chair with back, a cooler with cold water and soft drinks. The bird boys also load your guns.
  • All staff is communicated by radio assuring whatever your requirement will be available in just some minutes.

Arrival/Departure Airport(s).

  • As because our strategic location "Dos Plumas" can receive their visitors at two Airports.place!

  • One is Mendoza where you arrive with daily flights from USA, Europe and all around the world, previous scale in Santiago de Chile. There are daily LAN Chile (now Latam) flights from Santiago to Mendoza. Please check flights schedule Santiago to Mendoza at www.latam.com

  • You can arrive in Mendoza also taking an international flight to Buenos Aires Ezeiza Airport, and from that same Airport fly direct to Mendoza. You can check flights Mendoza via Buenos Aires at www.aerolineas.com.ar

  • Our representative will meet you at the Mendoza airport and help with the gun procedure. There are 3.15 hours driving to the lodge, where you can relax after your long international flight.

  • You can also fly to Buenos Aires airport, connecting with BA Jorge Newbery local airport and take a 1 hour 20 minutes flight to San Luis Province airport, 1:15 minutes far from the lodge. Because of the flights schedule this way is special for the ones who want to stay a night in Buenos Aires to visit this fascinating big city.

  • Please check Buenos Aires - San Luis flights at www.aerolineas.com.ar

  • For passengers arriving to Buenos Aires we can arrange to have our representatives meet you at Ezeiza International Airport and assist you with gun procedure and transfer to local Newbery Airport. (Please consult charge for this service as it's not included in the program)

Mode of Transportation.

  • Either for Mendoza or San Luis airports transfer will be accomplished by van or pick up depending upon the size of the group. All vehicles will be very comfortable air-conditioned for your traveling comfort.


  • Our new lodge was designed specially to receive hunters and it's surrounded by beautiful mountains.
  • The house features five spacious double rooms, each with private bathroom, and large social areas inside and outside the house, to help you enjoy the sunny and dry weather of the area.
  • Beds are very comfortable extra-large three quarter size. Each room has its own dressing room.
  • The lodge chef will prepare the tastiest dishes of an "Argentine style" gourmet menu made with regional products like trout, incas potatos, goat, olives, almonds, and of course pigeons and doves prepared with different recipes.
  • The wines at the lodge are the best of Mendoza and as a general rule ranked as premium wines in Argentina.

Daily Schedule

  • Wake up call is at 7 a.m. After a strong breakfast we drive between 15 to 50 minutes depending where are the best hunting spots at the time of your visit. We shoot until 12.30 hs. and then enjoy the typical Argentina barbecue.
    At 14.30 hs. begin the afternoon shoot until sunset.
  • Back at the lodge you will be received with some drinks at the open bar. To taste our chef different dove and pigeon hors d'doeuvres it's always a must while you share the hunting stories your friends.
  • Dinner it's usually served at 7:30, then you can relax at the living room fire place. Our outdoor fire pit it's a must to enjoy the night and watch a sky full of stars like in no other place.

Climatic Considerations.

  • The region has a sunny a mild weather. It only rains occasionally.
  • Keep in mind that the temperature will vary not only between the seasons, but also between morning, afternoon and evening hours.
  • April and May: Dry. Temperatures from 60F to 80F
  • June, July and August: Dry. Temperatures from 30F to 65F
  • September and October: Some rain. Temperatures from 65F to 85F
  • November and March: Some rain. Temperatures from 70F to 90F

Weapons/Calibers Recommended

  • The 20 ga works great with both species, 12 ga is also good, but a little bit heavy for dove shooting.
  • If you would prefer to rent a shotgun from the Lodge, we have Beretta semi-auto 20 gauge shotguns.
  • Shotgun shells are available in 20 gauge. Shells for 12, .410 & 28 shotguns are available with 45 days in advance notice.

Clothing/Equipment Suggestions

  • Recoil reduction equipment including shoulder pads, Kevlar-lined vests, etc.
  • Bring modified, improved cylinder, or improved-modified chokes.
  • Dark colored or camouflage hunting clothes and hats.
  • Upland hunting boots. We also recommend both wool and cotton socks.
  • Hearing protection!
  • Wool sweaters, long sleeve cotton shirts, and polar fleece zip-up tops. Layering is important
  • Side-carry shooting pouch for shells or a shell vest.
  • Leather shooting gloves are an absolute must!
  • Lightweight rain gear and waterproof hat - you won't need it unless you don't bring it.
  • Shooting glasses, sunglasses, 30 SPF sunscreen (or stronger) and lip balm.
  • Comfortable clothes for relaxing around the Lodge: jeans, tennis shoes, baseball caps, etc.
  • All electricity in Argentina is 220 (European-style). We have converters for your laptop computers, digital cameras, PDA's, electric razors, etc.
  • Shaving kit with Mylanta, Advil (or preferred painkiller), Neosporin, band-aids, vitamins, prescription medications, etc.
  • Digital camera with extra battery and media cards.

Booking Information

  • Reserving dates: First please send us an email asking for available dates for a month and aprox. group size.
    We'll reply you confirming dates available and pencil them for some days till you can confirm group.
  • Then we'll require a non-refundable deposit in the amount of 50% of the land package cost. Deposits may be transferred to another hunter or applied to a future season or year.
    We recommend that all guests protect their investments and purchase trip cancellation insurance.have Beretta semi-auto 20 gauge shotguns.

Travelling with Guns.

  • The Argentina Government is requiring a consulate permit to enter Argentina with semi-automatic firearm for the purposes of hunting. This procedure does not apply for over/under or side by side guns. With the exception of the Georgia Consulate, to obtain this permit you must make an appointment to visit your jurisdictional Argentine Consulate in person or take time to show up in person during their office hours. Some consulates will not take appointments. Below you will find the procedure for obtaining this permit. The Georgia Consulate offers a procedure that does not mandate you appear in person, call for instructions. Please also find on information on the websites and e-mails addresses of all consulates.

Cost of this permit is $40.00 and must be paid by money order or cashier's check

  • Listed below is the corresponding consulate for your home state.
  • New York: CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT- PH# 212 - 603-0400
  • Washington DC: DC, DE, MD, NC, PA, VA, WV- PH# 202 238-6400
  • Chicago: IA, IL, IN, KA, MI, MN, MO, ND, NE, OH, SD, WI- PH# 312 - 819-2610
  • Atlanta: AL, GA, KY, MS, SC, TN- PH# 404-880-0805
  • Miami: FL- PH# 305 - 373-1889
  • Los Angeles: AK, AR, CA, HI, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA, WY- PH# 323 - 954-9155
  • Houston: AR, CO, LA, NM, OK, TX- PH# 713 - 871 8935
  • The Consulate will need the following information to complete the gun permit form:
  • Name and Surname - Passport Number - Home Address - Address in Argentina - Contact Phone Number in Argentina.
  • The will also ask for Gun Information (Maximum of 3 guns):
  • Type - Make - Model - Serial Number - Caliber - Period of time in which firearms will be in the country (date of entry and departure) - Places where the gun(s) and ammunition will be used
  • You will need to bring the following five items to complete the process:
    1. Three Passport size photos
    2. U.S. Customs Registration Form 4457
    3. Valid U.S. Passport
    4. Copy of your State hunting license- (some consulates have asked for this, some not)
    5. Original receipt of your firearm or proof of ownership (some consulates have asked for this, some not)
    6. Copy of your Flight Schedule

Contact Information for Argentine Consulates

What documents will I need when traveling to Argentina?

  • If you are a US citizen, you do not need to apply for a visa, but you will need to bring a valid passport. The passport expiration date must be at least 6 months after your arrival date. If you are not an American citizen, please check with the appropriate consulate in your country to find out if you will need a visa.

Reciprocity Fee.

Actually Reciprocity fee it's no longer necessary for U.S citizens.

  • Canadian citizens:
    1. A one-entry fee of US$ 75 which allows exit and re-entry from bordering countries Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Bolivia at no additional charge within the three month period usually granted at Argentinian Immigration.
    2. A multiple-entry fee of US$ 150 which allows unlimited re-entries from all countries (bordering and non-bordering) for five years.
  • Australian citizens: Tourism: US$100.00 multiple entry. (Valid for one year)



  • The Argentine National Immigration Directorate (DNM) has launched a new online method of payment to enable payment of the reciprocity fee via credit card. Travellers can now pay this fee through the Provincia Pagos payment system.
  • Australian and Canadian citizens can pay the reciprocity fee before entering Argentina by accessing the following website: https://dnm.provincianet.com.ar/Login#

Process for online payment of the reciprocity fee:

  1. Register at https://dnm.provincianet.com.ar/Login# and obtain an entry code.
  2. Complete the form including personal and credit card details. This information and the entry code will be sent electronically to the DNM.
  3. After payment is processed, print the receipt.
  4. Upon arrival in Argentina, go to the DNM Office and present the printed receipt.
  5. The receipt will be scanned by DNM staff and the data will be validated to enable entry to Argentina.
  6. Be sure to save your username and password to be able to reprint your voucher in the future to reenter the country if you so desire.


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