The opening of the season this year presented a numerous question: how would the season reopen? How would the flights work, given that pre-pandemic frequencies have not yet been recovered, would Covid testing be a hindrance when entering and leaving the country? How would our staff function after 2 years of inactivity, how would the Russia-Ukraine war affect travel decisions?

As if this were not enough, Argentine politics and economy always add extra spice!

Despite all these questions, the level of reservations grew steadily, and by March we had even surpassed the reservations of previous years at Covid, although due to the war and global instability some groups decided to postpone their visit this year.

I must say that I am very proud of the work we have done in these 20 years of existence of South Pioneers because 50 % of our hunters of this 2022 season are repeaters or old friends, some of whom have come up to 5 times, in other cases on 8 occasions!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to each one of you!

The result of the season could not have been better in general, and in each group in particular.

Doves are always present in high volumes at all hours. Pigeons are in the usual quantities in this area, always higher than for the rest of the country. However, we noticed that on some days pigeon’s movements were more intense in the afternoon, perhaps this year there have been in average, colder mornings. Pigeons also have had abrupt changes in their behavior. That is pigeon hunting! These birds vary their behaviors rapidly, and we must sharpen all our skills to find them.

These changes put our scouting team to the test, as they had to respond quickly to unexpected situations that the pigeons presented.

Those answers that our scouters team gave, at first seemed uncertain and then proved to be correct were achieved with two essential tools: experience, which can only be obtained with thousands of miles accumulated over the years of scouting and observation of the birds’ behavior; the other tool is essential: the instinct, and our guides proved they have it!

Apart from these issues that are inherent to our activity, as I was saying, the government of Argentina always adds spice, and this time it was the shortage of diesel, to move our vehicles. By mid-June, our country was almost paralyzed because of a lack of diesel. It was difficult to get the fuel at times, and we had to make our own reserves.  

We also had to deal with the lack of ammunition deliveries, as all factories in Argentina lacked gunpowder. Thanks to our fabulous staff, we solved each one of these troubles.

We have successfully gone through one of the most turbulent times in the world: suspension of our activity for two years due to the pandemic, war, bureaucratic hindrances to travelers, covid tests in the restart of the trips, lack of diesel and lack of ammunition.

And here we are! With a solid and at the same time flexible staff, with 20 years of experience, we managed to build one of the best seasons in living memory.

With the confidence that comes from having overcome all these difficulties, we invite you to visit South Pioneers lodge in 2023, to enjoy the best of dove & pigeon hunting in Argentina.