This year has most certainly stuck out by its weather fluctuations.

Argentina has undergone its driest and hottest year in quite some time (117 years to be exact!), causing consequences upon several regions. Many areas in the USA and Europe are suffering now a very high temperatures similar than we had here. 

Agriculture fields have been affected and Duck hunting had forcedly shut down in many Provinces around the country. 

Our region was not affected by the draught because all crops are planted under pivot irrigation systems, hence doves and pigeons had plenty of grains. Only some crops were delayed, due to farmers had sowed later on in the year to avoid the intense heat wave.

However, the weather fluctuations at the beginning of fall with intense cold winds, followed by unusually hot days were persistent. 

Both doves and pigeons held their usual high volumes. Doves were much more steady than pigeons, under these weather fluctuations, which alike ducks, tend to change their behavior patterns depending on weather changes.

These variations demand additional attention from our staff. Our seasoned team of scouters demonstrated their 20+ years of experience finding the best flyways and even many new water reservoirs, to ensure consistent hunts, even in never seen and challenging weather conditions.

Because of the delay in sowings, this hunting season will provide tons  of grains till the end of August assuring fields plenty of doves and pigeons, to enjoy great hunts.

Remember after the pigeon and doves hunting season we continue with tremendous doves shooting till December.

As always, we invite you to be our guest at “Dos Plumas” lodge making the best out of your hunting trip!