Welcome to the Best Dove & Pigeon Hunting Experience in Argentina

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Unleash the thrill of the hunt amidst the largest irrigated area in Argentina.

Escape to AN UNFOrgettable hunting experience

South Pioneers is much more than a highly productive hunting field;  visiting the lodge is an escape into the heart of a memorable 360° experience with the outdoors. The lodge is meticulously designed to offer our visitors a unique blend of adventure, luxury and gourmet dining with the most exquisite Argentine cuisines.
Without a doubt a trip within your trip!

The Experience

Immerse Yourself in Argentina’s Best Dove and Pigeon Hunting Experience!

As you step into unpressured hunting grounds, you’ll be immersed into a sky with plenty of doves and pigeons fly ways.

The presence of both especies by the millions in the area let you choose to shoot doves, a combination of the two species or pigeon hunting exclusively, including English style pigeons over decoys.

Through more than 20 years of trajectory South Pioneers lodge has become one of the most renowned Dove & Pigeon Hunting Destinations in South America.

Luxurious Lodging in the Wilderness

Nestled seamlessly into the natural surroundings, our modern accommodation provides a haven of comfort, allowing you to relax with your hunting companions to recharge your energy to enjoy the next day’s adventure.

What Sets Us Apart

The presence by the millions of doves and pigeons gives you the choice to enjoy unparallelled dove shooting, consistent pigeon hunting with the highest limits in Argentina or to hunt the dove and pigeon mix. This is something just a very few lodges can offer.

Driving times between 20 and 50 minutes maximum and rights to hunt over more than 200,000 acres of an unspoiled area assures you a pleasant experience and variety of hunting spots.

Our seasoned guides, with many years of experience will drive you every day to the best flyway. Their expertise guarantees a smooth and rewarding adventure.

A modern boutique lodge specially designed for those who love the privacy of the environment given by small groups. An accommodation with all the comfort and amenities you need sorrounded by breathtaking views to the walking distance mountains.

Our guests are delighted by the professional chef’s exquisite menu that goes beyond the traditional Argentinian good food. Many times, the chef is called to the dining room to receive the visitors’ applause. Plates are paired with unparalleled wines produced in Mendoza. A trip within your trip!

South Pioneers is the outfitter in Argentina located closest to Mendoza. You can combine your hunting with an exclusive wine tour experience in Mendoza, one of the “10 Great Wine Capitals in the World”

Over 20 years of hard work has led South Pioneers to build a recognition as the best Dove & Pigeon Hunting Experience in Argentina. This has made our first-time visitors recommend our lodge to their friends and wish to repeat their trip with us.

Ready to embark on the dove and pigeon hunting adventure of a lifetime?

Secure your spot at South Pioneers and discover why many of our first time visitors return once and again, some of them as much as 10 times!!

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