Dos Plumas it´s a unique lodge where you’ll find without exaggeration the dove & pigeon hunting kingdom. This is not just a title, you’ll find doves and pigeons in the highest concentrations you have ever seen at any other place.

The local population of doves and pigeons burst as a result of the combination of 3 factors:


1- Our lodge is located in the north of San Luis Province, a new agricultural frontier in Argentina. For the last fifteen years the number of new agricultural fields with irrigation in this area has increased significantly adding thousands of tons of additional feed for birds.

2- There are hundred thousands of acres of roosts for nesting around the lodge, which combined with an ideal annual temperature range, make these species reproduce during 10 months a year.
The result in an explosion of both Dove & Pigeons!

3- For more than 15 years we have followed a Pigeon Land Management Program, including some limits on the number of hunters per year for pigeon hunting, thus ensuring an exponential population growth of this specie.