Enjoy the excitement of three different hunts at “Dos Plumas”!

Which is the one you dream about?

The high-volume population of both pigeons and doves at “Dos Plumas” lodge in San Luis, Argentina, allows our visitors to choose between a menu of three different hunts.1

Doves & Pigeons: for the ones who wants variety this is the perfect balance between shooting doves and hunting pigeons. This hunt is half and half over each species combining dove shooting with the hunt of passing pigeons and traditional “English style” pigeons over decoys.

When dove shooting any hunter could easily shoot more than 1000 shells per day, enjoying the excitement of endless fast shooting.

When we go for pigeons everything changes. Pigeons will challenge the hunter to show his hunter skills, camouflage in the blind, wait for the prey, and shoot at the right moment.

The combination of both species offers diversity and fun to our visitors. Without a doubt a lifetime memorable experience!

Season: from April to the end of August any time is good to enjoy the excitement of both species.

Pigeon hunt exclusively: we have been managing the hunting pressure over pigeons for the last 20 years. “Dos Plumas” has a limited number of groups per year for pigeon hunting. That’s the key to success to hold unparalleled pigeon hunts in the long term.

Our pigeon hunters can enjoy, without any doubt, the most consistent pigeon hunting in Argentina.

Season: from April to August pigeon hunting is unmatched.

Dove shooting: at any time the sky is covered by hundreds of thousands of doves flying over your spot wave after wave. Here you can experience the real unlimited Argentina dove shooting!

Season: from April to December always is a good time and there is no specific peak season to enjoy the excitement of dove shooting.

Now you know why we named our lodge “Dos Plumas” which means “Two Feathers” because of the vast population of doves and pigeons around the lodge.

It´s time to dream about your next wing shooting adventure at the legendary “Dos Plumas” fields.