Dos Plumas

Come to enjoy the highest volumes of pigeon hunting and dove shooting in Argentina

Personalized Service


At “Dos Plumas” we strongly believe in the concept of 360° service taking care of every detail during your stay with us: from efficient bird boys, how it looks the camp at the field, the temperature of your room to any other detail you would like to make your stay a lifetime experience.

Worry-free trip Guarantee

You’re far away from Argentina. It’s very important to know in advance what to expect at “Dos Plumas” lodge.

This is our compromise with you:

You’ll experience at the same lodge the highest volumes in Argentina for pigeon hunting combined with world-famous dove shooting.

Since your arrival to the lodge to your departure, you’ll be accompanied by an officer in charge of your trip satisfaction. Always he will be ready to hear your wishes. You can count on him at every time to solve any trouble or to improve your experience at the lodge.

You’ll have personal contact with the lodge owner, this makes it easier to satisfy any needs you might have.

We assure that you’ll rest at a modern accommodation, with all the comfort you deserve to enjoy wonderful vacations.

Gourmet Argentine dishes paired with the best wines from the world brought from the Mendoza region.

You’ll be treated by an efficient and friendly staff with 18 years of experience hosting hunters.

You’ll shoot new guns without the typical shooting heavy use.

The most important are the good memories about pigeon hunting and dove shooting you’ll keep forever as a fond memory . We want to guarantee you that at “Dos Plumas” it will happen.


More variety – More fun



Personalized Service


A pleasant experience



A long trajectory


We take care about details



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Middle Season Report 2023

Middle Season Report 2023

This year has most certainly stuck out by its weather fluctuations. Argentina has undergone its driest and hottest year in quite some time (117 years to be exact!), causing consequences upon several regions. Many areas in the USA and Europe are suffering now a very...

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Rank yourself! Which level are you in?

Rank yourself! Which level are you in?

At “Dos Plumas” we made the lodge hunting statistics considering the records of thouthands of hunters who has visited us in the last 18 years. Take a look at the numbers and rank yourself according to your usual standards:    Doves/ Day Pigeons/ Day...

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Hunt Report 2022

Hunt Report 2022

The opening of the season this year presented a numerous question: how would the season reopen? How would the flights work, given that pre-pandemic frequencies have not yet been recovered, would Covid testing be a hindrance when entering and leaving the country? How...

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